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Why buy from us??


We are...Passionate but Personable...

bike shop owners...and mechanics, and advisors, and reasearchers, and representatives.   But before all that, we are enthusiasts, just like you.  

In a way, we believe the equipment mostly sells itself, and our job is to just help out around the edges.   You won't find high pressure, inflated prices or claims, just a bunch of folks who love what they do and want to help you enjoy riding as much as they do.

Low overhead

We aren't the biggest place around; we don't have a lot of high-dollar advertising, either.   We know places that do, and guess who pays for it??   (yup!...but you don't have to.)

We recently had a gentleman stop by with a "low quote" from another dealer.   Just one problem: that price didn't include a bunch of extra fees, mark-ups, and add-ons that dealer was waiting to tack on.   One phone call confirmed what we already knew: we can sell the whole Honda line without all the hoopla and high fees.   He left our store on a pair of wheels.."a bike, from Ike."

Who's gonna service this thing?? (A great question before you buy)

Machines and service go hand-in-glove, it's simply a fact of the mechanical world.   Be it routine or something a little more complicated, you always have the inside track "if you bought it here."   Makes sense, doesn't it??

We leave a little wiggle room in the Service Department schedule to take care of our purchasing customers, should the need arise.   And...we owe it to those folks to get them on the list before a walk-up.   Walk-ins are welcome, of course, but you'll just get a lower priority if we're busy (and we usually are).

Peace of Mind

Buying local means that support is close, and let's face it, you can't get that "on-line" or at most of the big shops.   Whenever you need help, we're a short drive away or at the end of a phone line.   That's something that just makes ya feel good.

The Lineup


New Hondas

We are an authorized dealer for Honda and carry the entire line (except watercraft):
  Honda Powersport

Looking for Street Bike Models??
  Touring (includes most Gold Wing)
  Cruiser (featuring Shadow Line and some Gold Wing)


New Old Stock (NOS)

We sometimes have models that aren't factory fresh yet still are looking for their first new owner.   For a very good deal, check out our selection here.


We may have trade-ins that need a new home!   Whatever we have on hand is here for you to browse.

Answers...for all your purchase questions

Whether your a seasoned rider or just getting started, Ike's is the place for information.  We love what we do, and you'll find our enthusiasm infectious...without being obnoxious.

At Ike's, we have a range of products suited to your desires, skills and budget.  From the complete line of the latest models, to ones we've taken in on trade-up, you are sure to find your next ride.