100 Percent Honda

You'll get certified service on these motor products:

  •   Motorcycles
  •   ATVs
  •   MUV/SXS
  •   Scooters


All repairs are covered by Honda's 6 month parts warranty.  If that part fails in the first six months due to a manufacturing defect, you'll get a replacement part at no cost.  

Our expert mechanics will perform the installation in accordance with factory specifications and we stand behind our work.  Ride better and rest easier with repair service from Ike's.

Legacy Bike Service

We can routinely fix motorcycles manufactured since 1975 and, on occasion, something older.

Got a Gold Wing?

Ike's is a "destination" Gold Wing repair facility.  We specialize in these bikes and our expertise draws customers from Indianapolis to Dayton, Cincinnati and beyond.  Looking for that hard-to-find Gold Wing part??  There's a good chance we can get it for you!

Winterizing Program

We can put your bike up for the winter and have it ready for you when spring arrives.  The program runs from November 1 to the first week in April.  Call us for details.

Repair Shop Guide

  • We're happy to work on your vehicle but we stay pretty busy so...scheduling is by Appointment Only (we'll do our best to quickly accommodate you!)
  • If you bought your Honda here, you'll get preference on the schedule versus a "walk-in"
  • "It's better if you bring it to us..." but pick-up and drop-off service can be arranged at standard rates



Answers...for all your purchase questions

Whether your a seasoned rider or just getting started, Ike's is the place for information.  We love what we do, and you'll find our enthusiasm infectious...without being obnoxious.

New, Used, or New and Old??

At Ike's, we have a range of products suited to your desires, skills and budget.  From the complete line of the latest models, to ones we've taken in on trade-up, you are sure to find your next ride.

We've even got a few "NOS" - new, old stock - bikes.  These are discounted models from previous years that haven't been ridden yet still come with the original warranty.  How about that?!

Third Party Accessories


We (all) Love Accessories

Everybody at least *thinks* about adding accessories to their machines, new or old.   You don't have to explain it to us...we understand...we're riders too!   After years of customizing our own bikes, we know accessories as well as we know Honda (well, almost as well).

Sometimes 'Plethora'...just isn't a big enough word

Short of a custom build, you won't find a better portal to outfit your bike.   Come in and browse the nearly endless supply of add-ons available through our suppliers.   Not sure what to get??   Let us help you choose just the right addition to your machine from a plethora of products!