The Bicycle Shop

Back (pedaling)...to the Future


Q. After the motorized bike, what's the next "big idea"??
A. An un-motorized bike!

The 1983 addition of the Bicycle Shop addressed the needs of an underserved but passionate clientele - those who bike without motors.   When you love tinkering with two-wheeled machines, it just seemed like the next, logical step - the smart thing to do.   Ike did it, and he never looked back!



The latest models

We specialize in three great bicycle companies:Fuji, Sun, and Redline.   Whether you're looking for a performance bike or one for recreational use, we can outfit you with something ideally suited.   Stop by to discuss your next bike - we have the time, experience, and expertise to make your next new bike purchase an enjoyable experience.

Experienced equipment

Honestly, we don't sell a lot of used bikes, but sometimes we'll take one in on trade.   Interested?   Give us a call and we'll tell you what we have on hand.



If it's _____ chances are, we can fit it!

When it comes to repairs, you don't have to look further than Ike's.   We repair all makes and models and even if your bike doesn't need something fixed, we're tune-up specialists too.   Give us a call next time your bike needs a little TLC - Ike's Style.

Contact Information


  Ike's Bicycles
  111 S 6th St, Richmond, IN 47374
  Phone: 765.962.5480

Hours of Operation


Tuesday - Saturday

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