A Story of Families...

Ours...it's in the Blood


The year was 1961...Man in Space...a new American frontier "up there" and a rekindled spirit of adventure closer to earth.   Times were ripe for other dreams - rockets on two-wheels - and an idea was hatched to serve a community of kindred souls.

It was then, in Richmond, Indiana, that Ike opened the doors to his new bike shop with familiar brands of the day, names like Triumph, Ducati, and Hodaka (yes, you can still find parts around for those !) and a fledgling business began to grow.  

Little wonder here in the Crossroads of America, that Ike's passion became a family affair: Bob (second generation) and now Matt (third) have kept the bikes and the business rolling right along.   You could say it runs in the blood (and you'd be right...!)

The Hondas


After a few years in the bike biz, Ike began to sense the winds of change blowing in from a distant horizon.   In the mid 60s he had an epiphany called "Honda " and it didn't take him long to conclude, like it or not, that he had seen the future of the domestic motorcycle business.   It wasn't a popular observation.  

Against the tide of some rather vocal public opinion, he committed early and completely to his conviction and "the rest" as they say "is history."   Some 50 years after the decision upon which Ike bet his company, Honda dominates the US market.   In Indiana and from as far as you can comfortably drive, Honda means Ike's.


You and Us


When you buy from us, "we treat you" like "we treat us."   Is there any other way??  

             Here you'll find a welcoming atmosphere in a modest, professional space - a place we think you'll like to call your bike shop home.  

Although Honda certifies us as Pros, that doesn't mean impersonal - quite the contrary.   We're a hard-working team, engaged and committed to you at every turn, from helping you before and during the sale to providing support afterwards.   You'll get the same perefential treatment we give to other purchase customers and we can keep your ride both safe and satisfying.

You're half a century too late to be our first client, but you can still get first-class consideration. After all, it's a family thing...